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Two Years

2016-12-06 11:05:39 by thefocuswobbler


It's been two years since I've posted anything on Newgrounds.  I've been doing so much hard work in high school that now I'm in college.  I'm about to finish my first semester of college and hopefully during the break, before I go back I could at least post ONE new drawing.  Like I said in my last post, I'M NOT DEAD YET.

That said, I'm not sure what I want to draw, but hopefully, I'll start it/finish it.

Thank you


2014-10-12 13:43:59 by thefocuswobbler

I'm not dead yet I'm just gettin warmed up! Now I have time to finally post more drawings and the show will be a long ass while because... well we are highschool students and we don't have much stuff to work with but it will happen I promise. So I'm not dead and also if nobody out here gets this message, well atleast I know i still proving to myself I can still make it! Peace!


2014-09-05 08:51:17 by thefocuswobbler

Im not dead I haven't posted anything for a while because I'm working on art and also I'm assembling a team at school to make a team so we can animate a cartoon. We are getting plot and comedy so i will post stuff like art and we are now creating plot.

New Crap

2014-07-28 20:39:12 by thefocuswobbler

New stuff is coming soon and I just posted a while ago some art and its going well.  Um, I just want y'all to know this is a big step for me and my art style will improve.  I would love some feedback and just comments from y'all and I will respond back if there are any questions.  So thanks alot to everyone or anybody who still stuck with me and knew I could comeback. :)


2014-07-21 19:28:32 by thefocuswobbler

I've been working on some sketches and I was wondering what do I need to do to get better or should I post He-Man.  I am still working on Louie Armstrong, I'm going to add a background for him but for now its a preview.5053415_140598528741_He-Man.jpg5053415_140598530633_Louie_Armstrong.jpg


2014-07-14 09:34:21 by thefocuswobbler

Got the Wacom and now I can finally not use the scanner. I just need to set it up and get the software installed and everything will be good and I can start working on art and animation.

July 14!

2014-07-09 20:06:33 by thefocuswobbler

Okay, so on July 14 the dy of my birthday, I'm deciding to buy a Wacom Manga drawing pad and I think it comes with the animation software. I currently made some characters and art work. The character are safe for work but the art work is NSFW. The reason why it's NSFW, I will never truly know why I made it though should I feel proud? Anyway once the Wacom comes, art will be posted faster and I will promise animation!  Thanks for whoever stayed and trusted that I can still come back strong!

A Come Back

2014-07-08 12:07:41 by thefocuswobbler

Looks like its been a while since I haven't posted any art.  Reasons: I was slacking, there is drivers ED, Testing Out of Speech, and RTX.  The good news though, I have better work space, the scanner will soon work, the animation software is coming soon (soon to me is diffrent than soon to you) and I am learning better art styles.  Until then if anybody reads this.  I will come back...


2014-06-09 11:30:40 by thefocuswobbler

Final freakingly I'm out of school and it's summer! Now I can work on art and start setting up some of my friend's Newgrounds account and more work will be done. Sorry for not posting anything but soon more thing will come and also we have to work on them. So thanks for understanding!


2014-06-02 21:43:05 by thefocuswobbler

Its going to take a while and I haven't worked more on my new drawing is becasuse of finals.  Yep FINALS are here this week at school and I just going to study and I won't draw for a while.  Though after this week I'm going to start again and I'll have some help along the way posting drawings with my friend.  He will be noted as "friend" for now until he gets his account on Newgrounds.  Until then enjoy the summer guys!!!